Friday, December 4, 2009

As long as the model looks good...

I read quite a lot of knitting and crocheting books, and I am getting acquainted with the world of photographing your artistic creations. In The Happy Hooker, young and hip models are wearing the crocheted goods in natural-looking settings: out on the streets, in a park, or in their apartments. The pictures make the crocheted hats and other wear look interesting and just fitting.

But then sometimes, there is a book that had no idea how to photograph such creations. This is one of them. I recently checked out Love to Knit Socks from the library, because it had some interesting looking sock patterns. Here is the cover:

The top-most pair especially caught my eye, the one with the snowflake pattern. But once I opened the book, more atrocious pictures after another were shown: they were all shot at a white studio setting with terrible lighting and home make-up, and most of the time the humans wearing the stuff were shown more than the actual items. My favorite picture out of them all is this:

Helloooo, sassy red head! Oh yeah, about them socks...
See anything weird about the image? These are the same socks that were on the cover, except that...

this model's feet are too big for the socks! The heel is bunched up at the bottom of her foot! And they still decided to shoot this picture and leave it in the book! The pattern looks totally misplaced and weird!

Simply amazing. So they had another person pose for pictures of only the foot (as seen in the cover and other cropped images inside the book), but then, for some mind-boggling reason, they decided that this model looks way better than the foot model, even if the socks don't fit at all--and the socks were supposed to be the whole point here.


Well, this book wasn't that great otherwise, either: it did not tell what size knitting needles or yarn the patterns use, and sometimes the patterns were written just so oddly that I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. I didn't end up making any of the socks. But at least I got some entertainment out of the book!

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